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Feature Summary of
 My Old Yearbook CD

For Alumni
  • Quickly Find Classmates
  • Zoom Up To 1600% - You’ll Be Able To Read Every Word Of Text
  • Permanent Medium
  • Will Last Generations
  • Electronic Replica Capturing All Black And White As Well As Color Photos And Text
  • Flip Through Your Yearbook Page-By-Page, Cover-To-Cover, Or Quickly Jump To A Specific Page
  • Thumbnails View To Quickly Jump To A Specific Page
  • Macintosh And Windows® Compatible
  • Handsomely Packaged with the Front and Back of Your Yearbook Cover
  • Simple Point And Click Navigation
  • High Quality Photo Enhancements (Easily See Small Pictures Like Group Photos, Etc.)
  • Easily Pan Anywhere On A Document With Click And Drag
  • Zoom–In / Zoom–Out Out Several Ways: Presets Buttons, Magnifying Glass, Preset Dropdown Boxes, Variable Magnifications
  • Made With State Of The Art Equipment To Ensure Quality
For Professional Reunion Planners
  • Reunion Planners Receive A Planners CD For Saving Time And Money When Creating Name Badges
  • Pictures Of Students Can Be Brought Into Standard Desktop Publishing Programs Or Printed Directly From The Planners CD
  • Easily Locate Alumni For Badges With No Risk Of Damaging The Yearbook That Was Loaned To You
  • No Labor Intensive Copying Or Scanning – If We Don’t Already Have Your Yearbook In Our Library, We’ll Create Your Planners CD; No Set Up Fees Or Costs.
  • Reunion Planners Can Request A Demonstration CD That You Can Use To Demonstrate To Clients
  • Maintain A Reputation Of Quality And Leverage A Memorable Uniqueness
  • There Is Absolutely No Cost And No Risk To Professional Reunion Planners
  • Free Demonstration CD
  • Free Planners Marketing Kit
  • Free Planners CD
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