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Hundreds of Professional Reunion Planners, Reunion Committees and Alumni Associations across the United States have brought more value to the alumni they serve by offering My Old Yearbook™CD. 

Offering My Old Yearbook™ CD to alumni is a great way to gain new clients, and provide a unique and refreshing product that contributes to a memorable event.

The following are the tenets of our business strategy and among the reasons we gain and retain loyal customers. 

  • We NEVER sell to individuals. There is a first-time order quantity of 20 or more for a specific high school and year. Click Here for more details. We have a facility with state-of-the-art scanning and production equipment that emphasizes speed and quality - we are not a marketing company. Our strengths are in producing a superior product so we will NEVER approach your clients or alumni individually. 

  • We emphasize Superior Product Quality and Excellence in Client Relations. Every Professional Reunion Manager, Reunion Committee, or Alumni Association has slightly different needs or desires when organizing a reunion event. We remain as flexible as possible in working with these individuals to ensure that offering My Old Yearbook™ CD contributes to a fun and memorable event. Click Here for more details.

  • All of our partners REMAIN partners. This means that after you've begun to offer My Old Yearbook™ CD and have earned more money and gained more clients, you continue to earn. By offering My Old Yearbook™ to a graduating class and getting orders for them, you establish a reputation of quality and a memorable uniqueness. Those who didn't order their CD prior to the reunion can order at the door, by e-mail or on the Internet. And the orders go directly from Alumni to YOU - we guarantee it. Click Here for more details.

Finally, you spend none of your own money! You order My Old Yearbook™ CD AFTER you've been paid by the alumni. Click Here for more details.

We can provide, example letters, order forms, re-order forms, "at the door forms" - marketing materials that are from YOU, to the alumni, and go back to YOU. Some of our clients even prefer that we include a link to their website in the Introduction page of the CD. We work with you to craft a unique strategy that appeals to your clients - or not, it's your choice. 

In addition, Planners receive a FREE Planners Version CD with each yearbook built on CD. This is an invaluable tool that provides you with an ultra-high quality, graffiti-free resource to create name badges, custom slide shows and more. Contact us today!

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